Black Magic Woman


As a person who entered her early adolescence in the late 90s, I find it quite amusing to see certain trends back around on the pandemonium of the mass market rotation. One of the most recent being, the choker necklace.  From the bold or dainty, leather or lace, architectural or filigree, they are back, in a big way.

But it’s not their first time on the merry-go-round, they’ve been around for centuries and have resurfaced from time to time. From Gothic medieval times to the romanticism of Baroque Europe to the Victorian periods prudishness, the choker necklace has endured through the ages. It’s always fun when they come back in vogue, but certainly never a surprise.

For me, one of the most enchanting aspects of this continuously resurfacing fashion fad is the element of the mystical. Certain women wear the necklace to represent the swinging Bohemian or the eternal romantic and others wear it in a way that there is an element of the sorceress, the siren, the clairvoyant. There is something about the wearer that is beyond the surface comprehension, something very mysterious indeed.

Magic is a state of mind. It is often portrayed as very black and gothic, and that is because certain practitioners played that up for a sense of power and prestige. That is a disservice. Magic is very colorful. Of this, I am sure.”

-Alan Moore



Attribution to, Nasty Gal,