IMG_8020 - CopyThe origination of my passions and my love for all things glamour in the best sense, in the original sense, came from a summer of study in the South of France.  Otherwise, known as the Blue Coast or the Cote D’Azur, the name of my business came into being.  It was there that I had exposure to ultimate haute couture, the finest Mediterranean cuisine the world has to offer, the most exquisite art and architecture. I also noticed the  regard and concern the French had for their culture and the fierce fight they would put up to preserve it.  It was awe-inspiring and brave. Needless to say, I was massively inspired, and since then, bringing beauty forth into the world,  has been a lifelong inspiration and passion.

Before launching La Croisette, I attended a private liberal arts college on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, worked in fashion as the executive assistant to a notable fashion designer, in PR for a NY boutique agency, and traveled the world. During my endeavors, I have learned and continue to learn and grow. It is my utmost delight and honor to share my passions with you.

Thanks for visiting!

Ivana Demrovsky


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