Postmodern Silhouettes

haider-ackermann-fall-winter-fashion-2010haider-ackermann-fashion-design-fall-winter-2010Haider Ackermann is known for several things: his languid use of draping, extravagant layers, and standout cuts. His collections are thoroughly postmodern and urban in theme.  Ackermann’s blends high and low culture by developing fully functional streetwear clothing and combines it with sophisticated and refined feminine silhouettes. The simple tailoring of his creations are often asymmetric and sewn of different materials. Influenced by cultural differences, Ackermann fashions contrasts and blends dress codes.

Columbian designer Haider Ackermann launched his namesake line in 2001 and joins the ranks of notable alumni of the Antwerp Fashion Academy of Fine Arts (Dries Van Noten and Ann Demeulemeester are the others).  He is often touted as a young Rick Owens for his abstract work with leather and avant-garde draping.

Postmodernism was a reaction to modernism. Where modernism was about objectivity, postmodernism was about subjectivity. Where modernism sought a singular truth, postmodernism sought the multiplicity of truths.


Haider Ackermann0001003Courtesy of Pleat Farm, Haider Ackermann, Multiple Fashion Disorder, Zoccao


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