Ferocious Feline


What’s more magnetic, more striking, or more powerful, than the power of the feline?  None…. at least in the world which I reside in…..  In the wild, a glimpse of these creatures is one thing, but in fashion, an animal print can be just as extraordinary, or vulgar, depending on how you wear it.

I am a lover of leopard, cheetah, etc. These patterns can be so awe-encompassing when done well, that there is no forgetting a woman who carries feline well. This spells ultimate seductress. However, on the flip side, it can be cheap, tacky, and severely off-putting.  So, the question is… how does one do animal prints well?

Firstly, I think fabric is everything.  In this case, wear a good one. It’s also about fit.  Don’t do a tight, short leopard dress in vinyl, just never, don’t do it. Ever. However, a great vintage cheetah print coat from YSL… paired with leather skinnies and heels or a fabulous pencil skirt… go for it…  Also, size of print is important as well as the quality of the print. I think the most important thing to question here is which woman would wear the animal print you are eyeing…. And then you’ll have your answer.

OR, ask me, I’d love to help!



Seduction is always more singular and sublime than sex and it commands the higher price.
Jean Baudrillard


Photos Courtesy of Lyst, The Fashion Court