Mixing High and Low


One of my primary beliefs when it comes to fashion is that while quality is of the utmost importance in order for an outfit to look expensive and exude elegance, it is also possible to find a nice equilibrium and balance when it comes to mixing high-end designer fashion and affordable simple basics.  I am of the belief that good hardware is really important, for example a really beautiful vintage belt or great jewelry… this is what people will be looking at and the basics will just be assumed to be pricey, by way of association.  Now, this is not to say that the cut or stitching should not be just right on a great basic, but you can go affordable and no one… read no one.. will know….  I would also as a general rule of thumb stick with the natural fabrics when it comes to going cheap…. cotton, linen, with the exception being pants.  Those can have some stretch or elastane involved and won’t dumb down an outfit.  And pay attention to those details… fit, pattern, buttons, hem… Do they look elegant? Use your best judgement! And then mix it with a fabulous Chanel blazer or an Hermes scarf et voila!

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Malcolm Forbes


Photos Courtesy of Vogue Magazine