The Versatile Biedermeier

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Among the greatest things I own, are hand me downs from my family. They have the history, the age, the character that something only takes on when passed down through generations. Such is the case, with a fabulous velvet-cushioned Biedermeier chair that I use as a desk chair.

Biedermeier refers to a period (from 1815-1848) in Central Europe when the middle class was growing in size at a rapid pace.  The furniture which was produced during this time was crafted on more practical, utilitarian principles than had been previously seen.  It is essentially a pared down French Empire Napoleonic style, still maintaining some of the romance and flair, but more for everyday use. Most of the originals were produced in Austria and are still showcased at a museum in Vienna currently.

The beauty of Biedermeier is really the versatility of it.  It can fit into an antique filled study and yet still fit right it with contemporary furnishings.  It really doesn’t look stodgy and out of place paired with Mid-Century or even modern design.  In fact, it really brings out the beauty of both!

Everybody thinks if you do one thing, you can’t do something else. So I like the fact that I can be versatile if I want to.

Denise Van Outen


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