Ready for Battle

Balmain Khaki Army Canvas Lace up Boots

Admittedly, I was so excited to write this article, that it was, ironically, one of the most difficult to construct.  The question was, and is, how to do justice to one of my favorite realms of fashion, the military dominion.

My all-time, without fail, favorite article of clothing was a military coat I purchased in Cannes in the summer of ’05 at Mango.  Not only did it merit the most compliments of anything I’ve ever worn, but it commanded a formidable presence.  It was aggressive, yet refined, streamlined, yet flowing, simple, yet bold, utilitarian, yet sultry. I literally wore this coat until it fell to pieces. It was a sad, sad day, when I had to put it out to pasture. Unsurprisingly, people still ask me about this coat and remember it fondly!

Certain brands do military really well.  Instead of fashioning the army green in a literal sense, they make it fabulous for everyday wear. Balmain is one such example as is Zara.  You can really run the monetary gamut here, there is no need to go pricey, but you can if you feel so inclined. Texture is important, but cotton works just as well as velvet and wool.  Just, be certain to carry it with bravado and panache and a “tough girl” attitude.

Military intelligence is a contradiction in terms.

Groucho Marx

Attribution to Weebling, Flair 360 Fashion, Booperaliha, InStyle