Eye of the Tiger

a_tigers_eye_and_gold_necklace_by_david_webb_d5394803hWhen I was a child, my mother had a necklace made of silver and tiger’s eye.  Not only was I mystified by the tonalities and luster of the stone itself, but the name caught my fancy.  It was this bronze smoky gemstone with similarities to quartz.  It had the noir stripes of the tiger with dimensions of bronze, gold, yellow, and red laden throughout the stone. These stones contained the mystery and power of the highly intelligent feline glance.

Tiger’s eye is primarily mined in Australia and South Africa.  It is a variety of Chalcedony.  It is said that this mineral brings insight and wisdom and the solace of a clear mind.  It is not often that I find this gemstone carved into a beautiful offering with suitable metal embellishments (often tiger’s eye jewelry can be very boring and un-extraordinary when created without the eye of the trained artisan), but when I do, it can be awe inducing.  And with the power to focus the mind and bring about mental clarity…..well that is just everything, isn’t it?

The tigers of wrath are wiser than the horses of instruction.
William Blake


Courtesy of iGavel, Christies, Crystal Cure