3039L-Livigno-Parka-NavyWhen the world becomes frozen, frigid, and ice-encapsulated, a really utilitarian and imposing down coat can really turn into your best friend.  It will snuggle with you when the world has turned black and grey, it will lock out the frosty elements, it will welcome you wholeheartedly when the world has shut you out entirely.

Alas,all down, fleece, and wool coats are not created equal.  There are brands which solely exist to make outerwear that enable people to brave the chilliest elements. Canada Goose has existed since 1957, makes all of their products in Canada to keep the quality top notch,  and makes full body armour for Artic expeditions and mountain summit climbs. They make the warmest coats in the world truly.

Moncler, The North Face, and Patagonia are also great brands that you can wear on the slopes or on the streets.  They are all reputable, serious about strength of materials and durability, and are companies that excel in integrity. You will be guaranteed the real deal when investing in any of these companies.

It’s lonely and cold on the top… lonely and cold.
Judy Garland

Moncler Womens Coat Long Belt Classic Black

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