The Man of the Hour

tomfordWhy is everyone so obsessed with Tom Ford? You hear shout outs to him continuously blazing on the radio, you see his name splashed in magazines, you see celebrities and socialites rocking his duds, at this point he is essentially a pop culture icon.


Tom Ford bleeds sex.  Both the man himself and his brand.  And he is brilliant at capturing this very specific brand of appeal and channeling it into fashion, perfume, and lifestyle.  Whatever he’s got, you want to drink it in spades. In fact, you want to bath in it.


Hence, the genius behind Tom Ford-ism.  I remember when I was in San Francisco several years ago, I stopped at the Bergdorf Goodman in Union Square. I went immediately to the counter when I saw Tom Ford’s private perfume collection on display. I wanted to smell what I had been hearing about; the Tuscan Leather which supposedly smells like cocaine, not that I would know;).  He also had a perfume in there which smells like “a man’s crotch”- his words, not mine.  Needless to say, I was taken by the man’s audacity to say it like it is, to make no apologies for what he is doing (perfectly I might add).

I have a serious admiration for the work of Tom Ford, I mean can anyone say obsessed?  Also, he is one of the sexiest men I have ever seen in my life.  I know he is out, but he is fierce. That is why everyone, and I mean everyone, wants a piece of him.

I don’t pop molly. I rock Tom 

– Jay Z




Courtesy of New York Magazine, Tom Ford, Selectism, Vogue UK, Live Life in Style, Print & Pattern, The L + A Diary, Verb NYC