Essentials of Layering

applied fashionWinter and fall are my favorite seasons for fashion.  Not only because you can wear the most exquisite fabrics in the middle of the day and get away with it, but because it is also a great time for layering.


There are some basics you will need in your closet for this. Here are some essential need-to-knows when it comes to this style technique:

Get a great pair of skinny pants whether they be grey jeans, black pants, or dark denim; they will keep your look fresh and youthful.  Get some cashmere sweaters – crewneck or v-neck in the basic colors. Also stash away some great long thin t-shirts and tank tops.  I always inevitably begin my layering with these staples.  Button downs in chambray or cotton always work nicely, also a fabulous coat especially in bright colors is absolutely necessary.  Knee high boots are a must!  I layer my skinny pants inside the boot – I have them in many variations – black leather riding boots, Tory Burch quilted winter waterproof platformed boots, high heeled boots in brown and black suede. As you can see, I am obsessed with shoes! Also throw in some winter knit dresses in wool and shift dresses as well for days when you want to make a statement.  Keep scarves around in abundance – from patterned silk scarves to pashmina and wool scarves to fur stoles; these are obligatory.  Blazers and tweed jackets are requisite additionally.


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