Patterns of Yore

chevron-Elle-Decoration-Jeremy-WilsonChevron is a very interesting word to say the very least. In decorating, it is essentially an insignia that interior designers use and play with when garnishing spaces.  It is quite popular and used frequently these days.  What I find interesting about this word is that there are quite a few other usages of this term that represent something in another arena of a similar pattern.   One such example, this term is used in aerospace dynamics; chevron are the sawtooth patterns that depict waveforms on jet plane dashboards.  Chevron is also a land form, a triangle shaped sedimentary deposit. This term represents the bone arrangements on the underside of a reptilian tail. Chevron are additionally defined as angle quotes or French quotation marks. A certain type of moth is also aptly named chevron as well.

chevron-master-bath-floorSemantics and the study of words, expressions, and locutions, is fascinating as you can see the interconnectedness in all things, natural and otherwise.  Everything is related, or can be related.  Linguistics and the study of meaning is wondrous and gives indication and explanation of many questions unanswered previously.

The mind is an ever expansive tool. Use it wisely.


I stopped loving my father a long time ago. What remained was the slavery to a pattern.
Anais Nin
Courtesy of Wikipedia, Bye Bye Bitters, Places in the Home