The Cloak of Chartreuse

traditional-entrance-hall-kara-childress-inc-houston-texas-201308_1000-watermarkedBeauty is subjective, we all know this. What one person may find beautiful and attractive, the next may not. There are no irrefutable standards on what can be deemed appealing by all. I think this keeps life very interesting to say the least.


img-thingThere are many things that I personally find alluring and visually arresting to look at:  I have a penchant for glistening red hair, I adore architectural jewelry, I die for beautiful skin, I covet silk like nobody’s business, and I love the color chartreuse.


chartreuse-green-yellow-V.E.P.-liqueurChartreuse is a bright tone halfway between green and yellow. The name originated because of its likeness to chartreuse green liquor which was first created in France in 1764.  The term means charter house.  The monks of the Carthusian order that first developed this liquor lived in these monasteries and these monasteries were known as charter houses because they were endowed by the Duke of Burgundy at the time of origination in 1378.


This hue is now synonymous with a French liquor of the same name: this liquid gold is composed of distilled alcohol aged with 130 varietals of plants, herbs, and flowers.


8847a0b36ba93121b691bc1e792cd9a6People can say what they like about the decay of Christianity; the religious system that produced green Chartreusecan never really die.”

-Saki pseudonym of Hector Hugh Munro Reginald


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