The Designer Backpack

999c81bac9f6c17fdb3f2f9c00d4ab1eWhen I think of the backpack, I think of pupils slumped over under the weight of their books carrying pounds of knowledge on their shoulders.  These little ones can have the appearance of someone who is bookish and precocious, they are learning the ways of the world and how to conduct themselves effectively in today’s society.   These children are absorbing information learned from their courses in arithmetics, literature, and geography. The books exist, hopefully, to help create a more effective citizenry and a better, more perfect society as a result.


I have to admit, I never carried a backpack, I don’t think even once in my life. I always carried a side bag or some other more fashionable alternative to the more standard backpack. I was highly selective in my public image, even as a small child (sometimes I wonder where these personality traits came from, but they were always there).  Now that much more fashion forward alternatives exist to diffuse the more traditional, standard bulky offerings,  I think I may have to change my course and my line.

I’ve never let my school interfere with my education.

Mark Twain


Courtesy of Elizabeth and James, New York Magazine, OhLike, Jerome Dreyfuss, Polyvore, MadeWell