The Blood of an Ox

P00069973-DRIFT-SUEDE-STILETTO-PUMPS--STANDARDAmong the color design trends predicated for 2014 by WGSN among others is the subdued browish-rouge known as madder red or madder carmine. Madder Red was shown on quite a few designer runways at the 2014 New York Fashion Week including Katie Gallagher, Lacoste, and Marc Jacobs. It is predicted in the design world as one of the primary design trends for the upcoming year.

MBFW - Marc Jacobs - Runway

Carmine is an ultra-sultry color, the hue of blood and the red rose, cherries and turkish rugs. The turkish rugs descriptor is fitting as this color is also known as turkish red. One could also say this hue is very nineties, it was plentiful throughout the duration of that entire decade. It is very dramatic, moody, and somewhat somber.  It can also be highly regal depending on how you wear it.   A floorlength carmine gown will definitely read dramatic, however a madder red sweater paired with white shorts can be quite charming. Go with what you are comfortable with whether it be a splash of the color or a full on bathe in it.

It will have blood, they say; blood will have blood.


Courtesy of WGSN, Colorants History, She Wore Ribbon, Fashion Gone Rogue, CBS Local, MyTheresa, Style Blazer, Marc Jacobs, Lacoste, Jimmy Choo, Katie Gallagher