A Sense of Revolt

balmainjacketThe French fashion brand Balmain is no domain for wallflowers. This is a line for bad girls, girls with a reputation, women who want to make a statement with their wares.  There is really nothing restrained or subtle in the house founded by Pierre Alexandre Claudius Balmain in 1945. Women that wear a Balmain jacket or skirt will be remembered, never forgotten.


From the prints to the textures, from the metallics to the fringe, from the buttons to the shapes and silhouettes, it’s all wild and loose. There is a sense of wild abandon and creative spirit. Also, there is a recognition of a deliberate revolt or break from tradition. There is a breathless sense here of freedom additionally. Or as Charles Lindbergh famously stated, “Real freedom lies in wildness, not in civilization.”

If you have a certain wildness of spirit, a cabinet maker’s workshop is not the place to express it.

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Courtesy of Balmain, Asha’s Angle, Carte Blanche-x, Fashion Bomb Daily