The Shorn Lamb

JacketWhile the air still carries with it a distinct chill, warm layers are a must. Amongst other warm fabric varietals, shearling is a fabulous, elegant choice. It is pricy, but you’ll have it forever. Do not go faux with shearling. Stick with the real thing if you can afford to.

Shearling is leather from sheep or lamb with the wool still attached. Before going to market, it goes through a limited shearing process in order to create a uniform look and feel of the fibers. Some people classify shearling as fur.  It is often combined with leather or suede on fashion pieces to create dynamicism. Shearling is a most gorgeous fabric and nowadays there are many gorgeous, streamlined options.  Bulky shearling is no longer a thing, nowadays fashion houses have pared down this fabric and mixed and matched in order to keep it sleek and slinky, yet still warm.

God tempers the wind to the shorn lamb.


Warm Thanks to Tasty Pretty Things, 2 Sao