The seventies is not all “the era that taste forgot.” Certainly that period had a lot of kitsch relics which would remain better off forgotten, but there are some designed pieces that have celebrated a resurgence in popularity. The Etcetera easy chair is one such example. This lounge piece was designed in 1970 by Jan Ekselius for J.O. Carlsson, Vetlanda. The cover is made of stretch fabric and can be zipped off.  It is upholstered over a tubular metal frame. One could say it has the appearance of some sort of non-anthropod invertebrate and that certainly has a hint of truth. Perhaps from the lowly earthworm was where the inspiration was drawn from.

The Etcetera chairs retail between $1,000 and $3,ooo. New and vintage versions are available as Jan Ekselius Design is now manufacturing them once again. Vintage versions are still highly in demand, however now it is easier to find the original slipcovers which seemed to be the tricky part in prior decades after production of the chair ceased.  Some people upholster them themselves, using outlets such as Zimmer + Rohde. The chair was a very popular household design originally in the 70s and has come back to haunt us or titillate us? You decide.

I am searching for abstract ways of expressing reality, abstract forms that will enlighten my own mystery.


Courtesy of Shapiro Auctions, Bonluxat, Architectural Digest