Valentino: The Last Emperor

ValentinowhitedressesThe fashion industry is a fickle beast, that is a known. Therefore, it is no small marvel, that Valentino, or Valentino Garavani, has been one of the dominating forces as a high fashion powerhouse for a full 45 year reign. That is, until he, and longtime partner Giancarlo Giametti, bowed out at the prime of their glory and sold the company in 2008. The documentary, “Valentino: The Last Emperor” highlights the delivery of their last read-to-wear show in Paris and an anniversary show truly created for emperors. Since that time sales have continued to skyrocket and the brand has continued to be a mainstay in the world of haure couture.

Valentino, the man himself, has cited influences such as the ladies of the silver screen and Fellini’s La Dolce Vita. You can see the inspiration in his work. Valentino is known for its ultra luxe and ultra feminine aesthetic. The shapes are classic ladylike, the embroidery and stitching is precise and opulent, the fabrics are decadent, and the workmanship is astounding. You see in the film the number of seamstresses working on one dress and the amount of times it can be changed until perfection is achieved. Mr. Valentino had that reputation, for paying an enormous attention to detail, hence part of the reason, the man is so extraordinary.

I hope people will say, ‘Mr. Valentino, he did something for fashion, no?’


Courtesy of Fashionista, Valentino, A White Carousel