A life without dreams can be very dull, an afternoon without imagination would be 0024_ARC9574.450x675just like any other, a decade without fantasy could seem insurmountable.  A little slip into a Jane Austen novel, a listen to a Tchaikovsky concerto, or a taste of a Turkish bon bon can transport one to a realm higher than one’s immediate reality. Art can elevate the soul.

Stories ignite and fire the spirit. Some are adept at telling them. Ulyana Sergeenko is one such raconteuse.  The Russian couture collector and street-style star turned couture designer expresses her ideas through themes. She is a couture arriviste. Her collections throughout the past several years at Paris Fashion Week have taken you with her through her visions and fantasties. One season you go with her for a ride on the Orient Express, another you are in a Russian Orthodox church wearing a priests’ vetements. You have also ventured with her through Americana, Gone with the Wind, Huck Finn, the Headless Horseman.  And of course, one season you have had a Russian exploration with great military coats, babushkas, big fur hats and gloves, and chintz apron dresses aplenty.  Sergeenko is a lover of the costume, and of the fantastical. She is beginning her journey and we hope to continue seeing more of her, and her tales.

The lunatic, the lover, and the poet, are of imagination all compact.


Courtesy of Style.com