Croat D’Azure

marysia-swim-maui-strapless-shark-attackAs a person about to embark on a monthlong holiday in Europe, I am naturally thinking about travel and what to pack. As one of the primary destinations will be on the Adriatic coast, beachwear is high on the radar, as are espadrilles, caftans, floppy sun hats, and the like. One of the perks of the destination where I will find myself in several weeks is that I can go as glam, or minimal, in my fashion choices as I so desire. I could even go basically nude if I wished (however as a naturally modest person this is not my inclination in the slightest).

Marysia swim has been cornering my fancy in recent weeks. This line of swimwear that launched in 2009 has taken the world of swim by storm. As a body conscious person, or any woman really, I like to accent my best features while doing my damnedest to minimize the rest. Marysia seems to know a woman’s body and how to play up the best features (breasts, hips, legs) while minimizing what is typically not our strongest suit (tummy, backside, etc.) I like the fact that the suits are streamlined and yet feminine.  I’d love to see a strong resurgence of the one-piece, the monokini, or the empire waist bikini and Marysia does them well. Most women aren’t hard bodied and yet want to show off some of their curves. These shapes allow them to do just that. Also, the scalloped edges and fit are really on point. This line is on the pricier side, but if you get a perfect fitting bathing suit, you can wear it for years to come.  Find one that is classic and universal, so you will love it now and for the next decade.

Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”

-Gustave Flaubert


Attribution to Marysia, Harper’s Bazaar, Seen Heard Known