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18tony600.1More was always more for famed and acclaimed Hollywood designer, Tony Duquette.  In his great body of work, there was always the element of the theatrical, the opulent, the multidimensional, the colorful, and the marvelous. The fantastical was sown in full splendor. It was, in fact, as if he wanted to create Shangri-La on earth (This he in fact attempted to do in his vision of home (pictured above), but sadly his masterpiece was later burnt to cinders in a wildfire).  There is a full element of creativity in his gifts to humankind, where nothing is overthought, or thought at all, just created with an absolute, almost naive, childlike, unadulterated vision.

From film sets to designing homes of the rich and famous, from jewelry to costume design, and from stage and furniture design, Duquette was not one to reign himself in.  He was a prolific architect of the beautiful, of the magnificent, of the extraordinary.  He was an American master true to his coveted, unswerving sense of identity who stayed loyal to his vision throughout his lifetime. No apologies.

The chief enemy of creativity is ‘good’ sense.


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