Antiquated Sage

44f209263be0fccc5be216026946a157There are said to be psychological properties in colors.  They relate respectively to the body, emotions, the mind and the essential balance between these three. Depending on one’s values and principles, one can cultivate a harnessing of particular energies and combination thereof in one’s home environment depending upon the color scheme and coordination of those energies.

I, for one, like my home environment to create harmony, serenity and visual interest. Hence, I am strongly activated by “cool tones” such as blue, green, violet, grey, etc. My astrological chart is brimming with fire, so it is important for my overall well being to be soothed by a calming nest. That being said, capturing the imagination is important as well for me, so there have to be counterbalances such as splashes of brights or fiery tones.

Antiqued sage or aqua are a favorite.  Light blues are said to calm the mind and aid concentration, while green is said to promote harmony, balance and rest.  These tones can foster an environment conducive to both rest and work. That being said, color psychology is neither an exact science nor a set of literal rules to follow, so it is important for the creativity and intelligence of brain capacity to create diversity and stimulation with objects of fancy and some color differentiation.  Variety, after all, is the staff of life.

Harmony makes small things grow, lack of it makes great things decay.


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