Sacrosanct is Purity

item0.rendition.slideshowVertical.shower-bathroom-inspiration-01-wmThe famed Crowley adage begins with the phrase “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” And even if you are not a God fearing creature, you most likely believe this to be so.  The unsullied and immaculate kitchen counter is a direct indication of the moral markings of your soul, just as the sterile human body is the common expectation of a modern citizen.

The daily shower is a ritual, mundane for most, pure enjoyment for some. The atmosphere of an imaginative waterwork can make a frequently technical chore, an earthly paradise. A collaboration of sensation, scent, and visual stimulation. A most heavenly refuge from the harsh chapter of most days. A time to exist in the realm of the freshly laundered and unsoiled. A moment of exquisite calm and repose.

Don’t call the world dirty because you forgot to clean your glasses.


item12.rendition.slideshowVertical.shower-bathroom-inspiration-13-wmitem7.rendition.slideshowVertical.shower-bathroom-inspiration-08-wmAcknowledgment to Architectural Digest