Seventies Vibe…..


Lately, I have been seriously crushing on Mongolian Lamb.  It really pulls me into the nostalgia of the 1970s (I wasn’t alive then, but I can imagine it) from flowing Pucci caftans, to feminist and anti-war movements, to flowers in the hair, it is a throwback that you can make really modern.

Loving it on a really cool vest or on a throw pillow or on a purse in the basic colors – white, black, beige, grey.  Mongolian lamb takes a certain amount of panache to pull off, but it can be extraordinary when done well.  You will look like the resident “cool girl.”  It just screams this from the rooftops.  I like it paired with chunky gold jewelry and a great pair of knee length boots or with fabulous basics.  You have to wear it with confidence and an attitude. Then, go forth and rock it.

Revolutions are the locomotives of history.
Karl Marx


Courtesy of,, Etsy