Provencal Twist

van gogh olive trees-1-13Recently, I ordered lavender dried flowers and stems from Provence by way of eBay.  They arrived promptly in an attractive envelope with a handwritten note enclosed.  Once the envelope was opened, the gorgeous aroma filled the air around it immediately.  It was as though I was transported to St Remy on a jet plane.

I then gathered little cloth transparent bags (I keep them when I purchase jewelry) and filled them with loose lavender. I placed them in the closet primarily as the scent keeps the moths away. They also are just so pretty and smell fantastic. You can also put the flower buds into antique glass dishes or pewter bowls and keep them in the living room for the same purpose.  The stems are lovely in a vase with the added perk that you don’t have to frequently change the flowers!

“France cannot be France without greatness.”

-Charles de Gaulle








Courtesy of Chic Provence, All Free Crafts