White Hot

148924_10151308078521220_556297049_nWhite represents many things to many people.  Purity, cleanliness, honor, simplicity, & the lightness & goodness in all things.   It represents space, the beginning & the end, heaven & angels.

Imagine this: A modern day Great Gatsby themed bash, with gigantic hot air balloons, fire-breathing dancers, petal strewn pools, champagne and fruits de mer everywhere, lily and light-laced trees, hundreds of the most fashionable guests, a modern glass structure of palatial proportions.  Now imagine this: everything is white. The brightest white of all.

This is an apt description of Sean Comb’s White Party that I attended in the summer of 2007 at his Hamptons residence.  It was the bash of dreams, something that emerges in fantasy.  It was something of another era… something so decadent and lavish, that you never want to wake up from this most gorgeous daydream……









The plastic virtues: purity, unity, and truth, keep nature in subjection.

Guillaume Apollinaire










Courtesy of This is Glamorous