Chantilly Lace

monique-lhuillier-gold-strapless-tulle-chantilly-lace-gown-product-1-2368176-779426389_large_flex Primarily produced in the town of Bayeux, France and Geraardsbergen, Belgium, Chantilly Lace began production in the 17th century, but became popularized in the 18 century. This delicate, intricate, and fine handmade lace was named after the northern town of Chantilly, France. This lace usually has some sort of floral or natural pattern and contains a scalloped border.

The etymology is fascinating and comes from the ancient French word las that means noose or string and also the Latin term lacueus or lacere which is essentially to ensnare.  I love the double meaning there 🙂

At one point, chantilly lace was worn by all the fashion plates in the 18th and 19th centuries, however it is still commonly used today on bridal and ball gowns.  Also, on occasion on cocktail attire, pants, and blouses as well.  In this modern, rushed world, lace is not as typically worn, it is more of a luxury and something reserved for the special occasions.  Lace did have a vibrant recent mass resurgence, however it still remains as one of the finer things in life.  As it should.

True delicacy is not a fragile thing.”
James Broughton









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