The Purveyors of Luxury

Within my collection, is the most amazing ostrich trunk that is a deep yellow (see below).  It is so fabulous that it is almost unreal.  It is a treasured aquirement that I would have serious trouble ever parting with. It is more of a decorative item than anything else. I wouldn’t use it to travel unless you keep it by your side!  Real ostrich print comes at a high cost, but it is great for home or store use to display all of your beautiful nothings.


The question perhaps here is how to tell the difference between real ostrich and ostrich print leather.  The real deal can come at a steep cost because of its rarity and durability, however ostrich print can be relatively affordable.  Ostrich skin contains many oils naturally, so the leather will be pliant and easy to craft into fashion merchandise.  One way to discern the difference is to run your hand over the leather.  Real ostrich has very significant knobs where the feathers once grew and if you are attentive, you will be able to see the pore at the top of each ridge.  This will not be the case with ostrich print.  Another way to tell is to look at the patterns and if it is too perfect to be true, then it probably is.  Real ostrich skin has irregularities and unregulated rows which can’t be reproduced with a machine.  If you are shopping high end brands, you will know that they are using real ostrich, but with other lesser known brands you may have to do your homework and research.

Beauty is less important than quality.

– Eugene Ormandy


Attribution to Tom Barrington, Purseblog, 1st Dibs, Coolspotters