Within the box, therein lies a great treasure


As is the case with most women, I am a jewelry devotee.  Whether it be a statement costume piece, a simple classic adornment, or a sentimental embellishment, it is appreciated as a piece of art, a part of the family. Many of these finds that I have, have been passed down through many hands throughout the seasons of time and I treat them with the care and appreciation that they deserve.

Hence, why it is of the utmost importance to house them in a suitable jewelry chest.  For my birthday last summer, I was given a most special gift, an antique jewelry chest made out of tulip wood with a marble top and gilded bronze handles.  I was so delighted to receive this treat that I cried with joy!  Now, the Louis XV box it is home to some of my finer things. I do believe that what lies within, should be just as refined as the encasing and vice versa. Treat these treasures with care as they will be passed down throughout the generations and someone down the line will appreciate them with the same care as you have.

I treat clothing or a piece of jewelry like it was a piece of art, even though people who collect clothes get a bad rap because they’re told it’s all vanity.
Daphne Guinness


Attribution to Sotheby’s, Extravaganzi, Ralph Lauren, Pinterest