Delicate as Porcelain

46Wedgwood is an English and Irish pottery firm that has been established for several hundred years and even had the stamp of approval from the British royalty at one point where the British consort Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz honored the company permission to annoint themselves as creating, “The Queen’s Ware.” The quality is tremendous and you can find many fantastic, time-honored versions at auction.  I personally adore them because they remind me of times past and the wisdom of the ancients.

Wedgwood is mainly known for its Jasperware because the original pieces were created to give the appearance of primeval glass with cameos a la ancient Greece or Rome.   They also made dinner services out of ceramic, fine china, and porcelain.  The jasperware is the most rare and highly desirable of the Wedgwood creations. The most highly prized colors are royal and pastel blue, pale green, and black basalt. They also glaze some of their pieces in a similar vein to the Portuguese or Italian faience.  Wares that are typical are Jardiniere, dishes, creamers, vases, trinket boxes, pitchers, teapots, etc.

I quite like antiques. I like things that are old and the history they bring with them. I would rather fly to Morocco on an $800 ticket and buy a chair for $300 than spend $1,100 on one at Pottery Barn.
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