The Fountain of Youth

skinceuticalsThe French have some great beauty secrets.  One of them is to invest wisely in skincare.  Invest at a young age and stay loyal to the best line you can find from a tender age.  The key here is to find the best no matter the cost and to stick with a regimen.  While many Americans stick with drug store brands, the French would never settle for this. The French believe that skin is the best organ to invest in in order to stay beautiful.  It is what everyone sees and if treated well, will stay young, vibrant, and radiant for much, much longer. They use plastics as a last resort, but will scour the earth for the best array of chemicals, creams, and serums before doing so.

Skinceuticals is the line I absolutely swear by.  Dr. Sheldon Pinnell was the mastermind behind the line. He was a professor, scientist, and dermatologist.  He made some very important discoveries behind the biology of skin and collagen production.  He also played a key role with the proliferation of vitamin C and antioxidants for the skin in order to help protect the skin against environmental and sun aggressors.  He was actually the first to patent a stable form of vitamin C.

I started with this line when I was given the C E Ferulic antioxidant serum as a gift because “his mother used it.” I trusted the source with beauty products, his skin was to die for. Anyhow, I tried it and loved it.  It made my skin so smooth and shiny and poreless.  I was in my early twenties however and not ready to shill out the big bucks for skincare as my skin already looked fantastic. Now that I have hit my thirties, I am ready to make the commitment.  The top three products that I swear by are the Phloretin CF, Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50, and the Retinol 0.5.  I love the CE Ferulic as well, but this was created for drier, more mature skin and my skin is combination and sensitive.

I use the Advanced Brightening System.  You can purchase it on the Skinceuticals website, at plastic surgeon’s offices, at dermatologist’s offices, and medi-spas.  They keep strict regulation on usage because the stuff is potent and you will need specific instructions on how to use the regimen provided for you, especially after other professional treatments, lasers, peels etc.

What makes people look youthful is the quality of their skin.”

Nigella Lawson


Courtesy of Skinceuticals, Utah Facial Plastics