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Salterini-Palm-Springs-GroupSalterini-Mt.-Vernon-GroupJohn Salterini created highly collectible indoor and outdoor wrought iron decorative furniture. He was very important in bringing wrought iron furniture back into vogue in the beginning half of the twentieth century.  His productions were very emblematic of his time, they really represented the Art Deco and Gothic Revival periods.

Salterini’s pieces are not often available at auction, however certain collectors have amassed quite a collection and have them for sale available online. There are ottomans, chaise lounges, tables and chairs available for sale on eBay additionally, however my advice here per usual is to be careful when purchasing as there are many cheap reproductions on the market falsely marketing themselves as Salterini. Be steadfast and ask questions. Be certain to do your research.

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Courtesy of Mulberry Street Online, Wiki Collecting, Joan Bogart