Traveling the Seven Seas

Louis-Vuitton-Trunks6Louis Vuitton is the name that comes to mind when thinking of luxury travel – steamer trunks, luggage, the weekender bag, and carry on.  It is ubiquitous with a life of leisure and traveling the seven seas.  This is not for nothing, the brand has been producing such precious commodities as this since 1854.

These steamer trunks  are highly collectible and sought after.  I prefer the rectangular logo-ed variation – from large to small – therefore I can stack them.  They look wonderful in a bedroom for housing your pretty nothings.  You can alterately use them as bedside tables or for storage – fancy that?!? Anyhow, they can be found at auction, the key is to look for prestigious provenance.  They can also be found at estate sales, online, on eBay. Check the condition – some will need a degree of restoration.  They are typically very costly, however they are my piece de resistance. If this is the case with you as well, you may want to begin your detective work to find a piece, or two, or three, to add to your collection.

And soon, too soon, we part with pain, To sail o’er silent seas again.
Thomas Moore


Courtesy of Louis Vuitton, LV, In the Seams, Purseblog