Shrugging in Vogue

img-thingI’ve just been loving and then falling love again recently with braided sweaters. They look so cozy and warm and yet appear so cutting edge and trendy simultaneously.  I think of Alpine skiing, I think of equestrian-ism, I think of strutting stylishly down the street in Vancouver decked out in one of these sweaters, a pair of leggings and Wellies additionally.

As is often the case, trendiness and comfort do not go hand in hand, however with these jumpers these worlds coincide nicely. You can look chic and not have to suffer for beauty.  You can layer here or keep it simple.  I am not a trends person per say, as I believe this is the equivalent of chasing youth. You are always running, but can never fully attain it.  However this look is classic enough that it can stay in your closet for eternity.

Now is the winter of our discontent.”
-William Shakespeare


Courtesy of Polyvore, Where to Get It