Single’s Paradise

luckloves this ladyI grew up in a family of very strong-willed, powerful, successful women, particularly my mother. I knew I was always in great company when surrounded by these independent, cultured, kind, and fashion forward ladies.  My mother and her friends and my family members taught me to walk tall, use your mind to move forward in your life because looks are fleeting, and to support other women with open arms. I’ve never viewed other women as competition and actively sought other women like me, women who challenge you, support you, love you, and who you know are in your corner.  Monica Bossinger is one of those people and we instantly clicked upon meeting.

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Monica is one of those people who readily expresses their worldview and it’s wonderful because she has a lot to offer. She is also engaging and supportive of women particularly ones she finds stimulating and compassionate.  In fact, the cause is so important to her that she wrote a book about it.

The Life & Luck of a Bachelorista is a little book full of big ideas. It’s essentially a guide book to happiness and success for single women worldwide. One of the things I love most about the book are the personal anecdotes; you really hear her voice throughout the pages. This is clearly a very personal work, something derived from the heart. You can hear her talking to you. The book is full of hundreds of takeaways and personal findings to live by. It’s a bible and a treasure chest full of inspiration and wisdom.

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Not only is this is a book however, it is growing into a series and a brand. There are follow up books coming in the collection, including Bachelorista’s guides to such things as finance and style. Actually we will be collaborating on the style guide. Ms. Bossinger is one to watch. Keep your eyes on this fabulous Bachelorista.

Single life can feel isolating sometimes- especially of the majority of people you know are either shacked up, married, or engaged.  It helps to remember that you’re not alone. There are single women all over the world who share your ‘mirror.’

One night, years ago, I got dressed up and headed into Manhattan to have drinks with friends. En route to the Exchange Place PATH station in Jersey, a woman called out to me, “Walk that catwalk, girl!” I laughed and wanted to run over and hug her. I loved the dress I had on, but felt insecure about my toneless figure. Support from a sister? More please! I hadn’t gone out since my sister’s death, and this woman’s kindness made my evening. Whether it’s a small gesture or a big show of solidarity, let’s be kind to each other.”

-Monica Bossinger

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Courtesy of, The Life & Luck of a Bachelorista, Monica Bossinger, Isabelle Fregevu-Claracq