The Master Curator of Curiousities

content_devera_cover_defaultThere are some people that just have it. The it being a sense of taste and the ability to cultivate and curate their vision on pure feeling solely. It is also education and passion, but there is an innate ability in these individuals that cannot be bought. They dream of otherworldly and ethereal beauty and then bring it together in order to bring joy forth for themselves and others to relish.


Federico de Vera is one of those people. They call him an “aesthetic savant” and indeed his Soho and Upper East Side shops would attest to this statement of bravado.  When I walked in last, I was swept to another realm entirely, I experienced a taste of the sweet hereafter.


There you will find a collection of such rare and beautiful things as to astound the mind.  Amongst the museum pieces essentially, you will find antiquities, art, jewelry, sculpture, ornaments, oddities, and antiques of varied periods and styles.  His curiousity for curiousities encompasses such finds as Catholic relics, Japanese lacquer, Georgian and Victorian jewelry, ivory and brass macabre objects, gilded Baroque antiques, Tuscan glass works, oil portraits, taxidermied fowl, and Indian figurines to name a few. The eye will feast, the heart will flutter, and the brain will brighten. It’s worth a visit most certainly.  If only for the expansion and growth of the mind.


One cannot develop taste from what is of average quality but only from the very best.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

De Vera1

Warm Thanks to De Vera Objects, A Few of My Favorite Things. Shop Ikon, New York Times, Fourth Floor Walk Up