The Magnificence of Malachite

dawnridge-home-tony-duquette-malachite-wall-panelMalachite has a solid place in the world of design, it has made its mark most certainly.  It is a very dynamic, complex, and spirited stone.  The color is extraordinary and the patterns and intricacies are unspeakably wonderful.


IMG_6048-1024x682Malachite is a basic carbonate of copper and is used frequently in the aesthetic world on jewelry, upholstery and furnishings, and decorative objects.  In fact, entire rooms have been created around the worship of this mineral.  Instances of this include The Malachite Room at The Hermitage and another such room at the Castillo de Chapultepac in Mexico City.  It was once used as a pigment in green paint from antiquity through the 19th century.  But now, it is displayed as is, and as it is such a remarkable stone, why should it not?

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interior-design-malachiteWarm Thanks to Wikipedia, Interior Design 2015, The Suite Life Designs, Coco Kelley