Icons of Style

649px-president_kennedy_and_wife_watching_americas_cup_1962Everyone has their own style blazers that they look to for inspiration. These women represent something you seek whether it be power, glamour, the cool factor, or intelligence. And it’s not just the clothes, it’s the woman in them and how she wears them. You should see her personality radiating from underneath the layers.


My newest “girl crush” is Christine Centenera. She is the senior fashion editor of Vogue Australia.  I LOVE everything about her clothes and want to raid her closet, like immediately. This girl has got some serious swagger.  From her signature eyeliner, to her sky high heels, to her skinny pants and short skirts, to her blazers, fur vests and sheer tops, I literally have never seen this woman wear something that I didn’t want. Oh my god, she is fabulous.  She represents much of what I am seeking.


When I was a child, I looked up to my family for inspiration. They were more fabulous than anyone I knew. My aunts were so fashion obsessed and it showed. They were EVERYTHING. I just wanted what they had. And I still do 🙂


I have a certifiable list of style icons.  Here are mine: Kate Moss, Jackie Onassis, Catherine Zeta Jones, Elizabeth Taylor, Victoria Beckham, Audrey and Katharine Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sienna Miller, Olivia Palermo, Anna Dello Russo, and Daphne Guinness.

What are yours?

What I love most about icons is finding out what’s behind them, exploring the price of their power.
Joss Whedon


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