Dynamic Duo

cn_image_2.size.art-of-the-interior-book-01-didier-rabes-dining-roomcn_image_3.size.art-of-the-interior-book-02-duchess-uzes-chateau-salonThey say it takes two and that certainly would be the case when it comes to this dynamic design duo: Barbara and Rene Stoeltie. This prolific European husband and wife twosome have collaborated for years primarily on coffee table art books for some very established publishing houses such as Assouline, Rizzoli, Taschen, and so on.  Barbara is the design author and Rene is the resident photographer. These two have also collaborated on interiors as well that are super glam and polished, mixing both contemporary design and old world style with ease.  The result is striking and memorable to say the least.


“Living in Morocco” and “Parisian Interiors” are just a few titles L-A-001m_webthat can be attributed to these two among a large host of others.  Strong personalities typically inspire the most stunning interiors one can ever imagine and these two illustrate that this statement is most often true. They not only document the inspired genius of others, but also have the capacity and will to do it all themselves These two found their perfect design match in each other.

This point also brings up an important lesson: that it is important to be around those that bring out the best in oneself and also that bring out the best in each other, someone who encourages you to spread your wings and fly.

“It takes two wings to fly.”

 Baltasar Gracian quotes 

magic_marrakeshcover_va_25_living_in_morocco_int_1306171033_id_490295Courtesy of Architectural Digest, Rizzoli USA, New York School of Design Library, Taschen