Modern Wares

3569760_0Georg Jensen is a true modernist at heart. Clean lines, minimalism, and structured architecture, masculine in nature is inherent in the work. Silver is the specialty, but metals range additionally to gold, copper, and stainless steel. From watches to jewelry, silverware, cutlery, and homewares, this company is an established maker of modern classics.


Georg Jensen was a Danish silversmith. He was born in 1866, the son of a knife grinder. Little Georg began an apprenticeship in goldsmithing in Copenhagen at the age of 14.  He yearned to be a sculptor and pursued study of this nature at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Denmark. Jensen showcased his work, but found it hard to make a living this way, so he turned to work at a porcelain factory, later founding a partnership with Christian Peterson whom he met while there. He was a widower at this point in his life with two small sons to support.  In 1901, Jensen abandoned ceramics altogether and began work as a silversmith alongside the master Mogens Ballin.  In 1904, he gathered all the capital he had and opened a silversmith shop in Copenhagen.  With the melding of both of his disciplines, fine arts and metalsmithing, his Art Nouveau creations were a success.  Before the end of the 1920s,  Jensen had opened shops in New York, London, Paris, Stockholm, and Berlin.  Georg Jensen died in 1935, but with him a tradition of artisinal craftsmanship and excellence lives on.  He also had the wisdom and foresight to allow his designers freedom of creative expression which expanded the stylistic arena of what the firm produced. That is why to this day, Georg Jensen, as a company, continues to grow and expand with each decade. The consumer is a smart one and recognizes this continuous maturation and development with the times.

Modernity is a qualitative, not a chronological, category.


Courtesy of Georg Jensen