Rural Residences

turkish-towel-2Whilst shopping with my aunt in the hipper than thou upstate New York enclave of Hudson, we stumbled upon one of the original home furnishing shops from the main drag on Warren, Rural Residence. She expressed her adoration for Turkish towels and after hearing her adulations I was on board.

Turkish towels (alternately known as pestemals) are the traditional flat-woven towels used in Turkish baths (hammams). They were traditionally hand-woven on looms in Turkey and are made of cotton from the Aegean region. They are fabulous and famous for their softness, absorbency, and their fast-drying ability. Another very cool thing is that these towels get softer with age and washes and also last a long time.


Brands and outlets I recommend: Turkish-t, Indigo Traders, Hatun, Turkish Towel Store

Turkey is a European country, an Asian country, a Middle Eastern country, Balkan country, Caucasian country, neighbor to Africa, Black Sea country, Caspian Sea, all these.


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