Woman in Technicolor

457434bd5f5b6d69e3f1cda5040a99c4Many things could be said of famed L.A. based interior designer Kelly Wearstler but shrinking wallflower is not one of them. You either love her aesthetic or alternately you are utterly repelled. But either way she makes a statement. 80’s postmodernism and kitsch are her domains, as are maximalist designs, and the generous use of whimsy and flamboyance, color, and texture. Wearstler mixes styles, periods, and tradition and jumbles them all together in a brazen, daring way. A purist she is not. A rulebreaker, she most certainly is.



The Hotel Viceroy in Anguilla, Santa Monica, Miami, and Palm Springs were designed by Wearstler’s studio, as well as the Maison 140 Hotel and The Avalon Hotel, and a full slew of private residences.  Additionally, Wearstler has a home furnishings, jewelry, and clothing/accessories line. This woman is gaining full speed ahead as her career is on the up and up.  And she does it all with the self confidence and controlled chaos we know and love her for, not a splash of subtlety about her.


item13.rendition.slideshowVertical.kelly-wearstler-10-pavillion-bathIn all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.


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