Modern Americana

reese-witherspoon-2014-9Classic Americana has diversified and expanded in definition over the years and yet retains its primary founding factors when it comes to style. White tee shirt, jeans, classic prep-wear, cowboy/girl regalia, essentially the simple, easy, laidback look has persevered. And yet while many of these eternal, quintessential pieces have stayed true to form, horizons have broadened while the world has gotten smaller.


Here are some twists on the traditional Americana theme. One method is keeping a look simple, with say jeans and a white tee and then adding a splash of brights or prints in your accessories. Alternately you can add polish by adding a ladylike or tweed jacket. Another technique is to color block separates, vibrant colors work here. A complete denim or chambray look is true American West and adding a hat adds punch. Brights and patterns conjunction in harmony, as long as the rest of the look remains simple. Nautical themes are an eternal favorite, royal blue and white together or some combination thereof.  Additionally, an all-white ensemble plus camel sunglasses plus red manicure or handbag (or both) equal classic Hollywood glamour.


“It’s not accident that my first novel was called Americana. This was a private declaration of independence, a statement of my intention to use the whole picture, the whole culture.”

-Don DeLillo



Courtesy of Town and Country