A Tail of Irreverance

Dries+Van+Noten+Spring+2014To the majority of us, the idea of ‘fashion’ and ‘couture readily bring to mind certain geographic locations: Paris, London, Milan and New York. One could assert that these popular notions are true based upon historical contributions to the art of design. With globalization and the cross-pollination of ideas, Belgium, specifically Antwerp has had a fashion renaissance of sorts, ready to demonstrate their collective talents to the style world at large.


Dries Van Noten is one such notable example.  In 2005, the New York Times coined him, “one of fashion’s most cerebral designers.” His chain of work has been extensive and yet fell out of favor during a long period of minimalistic fashion in the 1990s only to resurface in the early 2000s. His work is commonly called “eccentric” and has earned him an International Award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America in 2008.

Dries Van Noten does not offer haute couture. Everything on the runway is ready-to-wear. This availability at the retail level is an important modern distinction for the brand. His work is really distinguished by its use of colors, prints, layering and original fabrics. He does not advertise.

I prefer ugly things. I prefer things which are surprising.

Attribution to Not Just a Label, Farfetch, Fashion Windows, The Style Crusader, Pop Sugar