Party Architecture


It is an art to create an ideal party atmosphere. Without a combination of certain variables, it may not come off without a hitch. There are four main tenets to throwing a successful event.

Party Architecure Tenet #1: Density. The right density is specific to the party and the type of mood you are looking to set. Ask yourself….Is it a dinner, cocktail or dance party? What is the ratio of space per person? You always want to limit the space to keep everyone together and engaged. If you are going for a more formal event, the space matters and you can have fewer guests and if you want a lively, more action packed party, go for smaller amount of space between each guest. No matter what, you do not want people to scatter too far and wide. People will generally convene around food and drink.

Tenet #2: Structure. This refers specifically to the arrangement of furniture and space at a party. Entrance, food, bar, and music are four spaces – keep them separate. Have open space in between the main zones particularly at the entrance. Use feng shui, the bar should be on the left and the music should be opposite from the bar or entrance.  Open space will help people attain their comfort zone. Arrange separate areas – for intimate conversation and dancing for example.

Tenet #3: Lighting. Over the course of the evening, subtle changes in lighting and atmosphere are instrumental and send subtle signals of where the party is headed. The entrance should be brightly lit, then dim for intimacy and darker for dancing. Lighting should complement and shift through different areas. Also, vary the lighting over time. As the night goes on, the lighting should go down and the music should go up.  You can have candles and lights going early and then turn off some lights as the night progesses.

And finally – Tenet #4: Flow. This is crucial. Keep introducing people who may not know one another or who may get along. Keep drinks and food flowing. A hostess should be in continual motion. Don’t be afraid to move the furniture. Adjust the scene over time with lighting and music.

“If life is a party, you should be the one throwing it!”

-Talia Carner




Attribution to Your Southern Peach, Square Meal, Style Me Pretty