Effortlessly Eye-Catching


The woman who strolls to the farmers market on a Saturday in a pair of flats, a structured jean and a womans button down (even though the occasion doesn’t necessarily call for it), appears sleek, streamlined and yet nonchalant simultaneously. The woman who storms into work in a crisp, clean white buttondown, a black pencil skirt and pointed stilettos, you know she means business. A lady who attends a social function in a woman’s oxford, you notice her. She is pulled together, sexy and yet not rigid.

There is something about this style which is timeless and also entirely modern. As a person who came of age in the nineties, this look was ubiquitous.  Everyone seemed to have a knack for pulling it off and truly the look is universal. It flatters everyone. Yet, there is an air of mystery to a woman with a loose chignon, a crisp oxford, and pearl stud earrings. You covet her style, you wonder about her, you may even want to be her, and yet she reveals nothing. She is an enigma of strength, energy and purpose. The modern woman realized.

Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man’s desire to understand.


Warm Thanks to Town & Country, Huffington Post, Violet Files