A Guide to New York Style

Everyone has their own idea of what New York is like. Sentimentality is intrinsically tied with mine, being one of the places I spent quite a few years and sometimes still call home. For me, New York evokes a great many things being a city of such immense magnitude and great passion.  Music (jazz in particular), youthful energy and a cutting edge spirit, art/culture, financial importance and of course, fashion. One cannot mention fashion capitals without mentioning this city that never sleeps. And this is part of the reason why – it is a place that is spinning, churning, always new ideas, always new people, always pushing forward. What is next, what is more relevant, what will dazzle and make the heart sing?
Naturally, it can be difficult to define a city under such basic terms as “fashion rules.” And yet, there are certain defining characteristics such as we have seen in the eponymous series, ‘Sex and the City.’ Black is the new black and will never go out of style. New Yorkers are privy to this style secret. Navy, grey and other neutrals can be added to complete the streamlined, urban, polished look. Shoes matter the most – and this is not about comfort. Beauty is pain – and in a walking city, your shoes are your car. Find a good pair, some great statement shoes. And if you want to be smart about it, find a fashion-savvy pair of flats.One thing you will never find a New York woman without, is a handbag, an “it” bag. It’s a necessary investment you can’t skimp out on. You want your outfit to shine for itself, but accessories matter. Delicate gold or silver and some bold pieces complete a look. Beauty is key. New York women are perfectly coiffed, well manicured, with everything in place. Rain or shine, day or night, stylish eyewear is essential for completing any New York look. It doesn’t matter if you need the sunglasses – all that matters is that you look great wearing them. And most importantly of all, confidence is everything. New York is all about attitude. The New York pavement is your catwalk – so nail that runway.
“I go to Paris, I go to London, I go to Rome, and I always say, ‘There’s no place like New York. It’s the most exciting city in the world now. That’s the way it is. That’s it.'”
-Robert De Niro





Attribution to Harper’s Bazaar