A Dusting of Damask


Silk brocade is just one of those things…. I have learned to appreciate it with age.  In my younger, more formative years, I just outright dismissed it as being fit for an older lady’s home.  It had lived past its prime and was ready for retirement.

Now, I have completely changed course and I absolutely love a fabulous French silk brocade in home decor.  It’s great on pillows, curtains, as upholstery on armchairs and couches.  It can look so fabulous and cozy, just don’t go overboard.  If you have brocade curtains and a brocade couch in the living room, keep the other elements of decor simple and basic.  Strip back and keep the decorative elements as one of your main focal points in the room.

I am partial to French, Russian, and Japanese brocade. The patterns tell a story and represent so much history and culture.  Brocade is really emblematic of earlier periods in history including the Byzantine Empire, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance.  We have all seen the brocade wall hangings at the Met or the Louvre. These took years to create and the joy and tears within these monumental pieces is simply astounding.

In essence the Renaissance was simply the green end of one of civilization’s hardest winters.
John Fowles



Warm Thanks to The Peak of Chic