The Blue Epoch

yves-klein-blue-venusYves Klein is commonly referenced in fashion and design editorials, so I was naturally inspired to want to acknowledge him in my blog. Plus, the fact that his work is just simply stunning and highly impactful.

Klein was a dominant leader in European post war art and nouveau realism in the latter half of the twentieth century.  He was French born and bred.   Klein was the first to create a very particular shade of striking blue which the world had never seen up until this point in time.  He played with texture and layering of color and this affected the unmistakability of his work.  The arresting visual impact of the sculptures, monochromatic works, paintings, and photographs Klein created still continue to impact the world in such a meaningful way.  In addition, he also paved the way for performance, pop, and minimalist art.  Klein is a legend in the design world and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

The dominant invades the entire picture, as it were. In this way I seek to individualize the color, because I have come to believe that there is a living world of each color and I express these worlds.

Yves Klein


Warm thanks to Yves Klein Archives, Wikipedia, C4 Contemporary Art, The Walk Up Blog